5 ways to travel with less money


If you have a dream destination in mind that you believe you can't afford, sit back and read carefully!

It's difficult to find someone who doesn't enjoy traveling and the main reason why people neglect their travels is money.

Certainly, some parts of the world are far away from us and this makes them quite expensive destinations, while other places offer luxurious services which we struggle to afford - and perhaps don't even need - and other places require money for equipment and guides (climbing a mountain, volcano, diving, etc.).

Let's see in what ways you can make these trips even a little more affordable. 

  • Organize it yourself! It is certainly very easy in practice to find an organized group that will plan everything for you and you just follow along. They will book your flight, decide which hotels you will stay in, which streets you will stroll on, find you a guide, provider for your activities, and so on. You will save quite a bit of money by doing the research yourself and creating a program tailored to your needs. Nowadays, you can book everything through your computer and mobile phone, you will be a little more tired, but you will get a cheaper trip.

    *Of course, if you are looking for company for your trip, it makes sense to contact the group because the important thing in the end is to enjoy it!

  • Do not book the first airline ticket you come across! Do your research on websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights. (TIP: Usually the best-priced days are Monday and Tuesday.) Additionally, check the websites of the airline company you are a member of if you have any offer codes or discounts due to your membership plan. If you are not a member of any company, now is the time to sign up - and many will reward you for it!


  • Of course, you should research hotels/houses! Clarify in your mind how much you can afford and put it in the search filters on a trustworthy website. Such websites are Booking.com (which has a program with points and the more bookings you make, the more discounts you get!), hotels.com, airbnb.com (for apartments), and many others. Definitely look at two things for the hotel/house you like besides the price: a) the location of the hotel, you may end up spending more money in the end because you will need a taxi to get to the attractions if the accommodation is far from everything, and b) the comments of the guests, through which you will have a clear picture of the quality of the accommodation and its facilities or deficiencies. 

Be as flexible as possible. If you need to move from one city to another within the country, look for other options besides the airplane. You may find incredibly low prices on buses or experience a fantastic adventure on a train journey! By doing this, you will save money and have experiences that you never imagined. 

  • The best way to go to a dream destination without spending a fortune is to think of alternatives. You can go to the Maldives with significantly lower cost if you don't stay in a 5-star resort but in a simple hotel! The sea will be the same, what changes is the service. (Tip for the Maldives: find an island near the capital so you don't need a seaplane, there is a ferry that serves these islands). The same applies to Bali, where there are wonderful little houses with low prices and maybe a kitchen so you don't eat out every morning, noon, and night. Wherever you go, you can rent a room with a kitchenette and thus save a lot of money on restaurants! (Of course, you will eat out, but you can cook once a day and reduce the cost).