Three green oasis very close to Athens


 Life in Athens is definitely interesting and tempting. The options for entertainment, food, and activities are countless and leave no one bored.

However, Athens is also suffocating, full of apartment buildings and cars. Its pace is fast and stressful.

Sometimes you need a little escape from the city center to relax and come in contact with the tranquility of nature. There are solutions to enjoy nature without traveling far.

I will suggest three options, each with its unique characteristics that make it special.

1.Antonis Tritsis park

Located in the Municipality of Ilion (western Athens) and consists of 1200 acres filled with trees, paths, lakes and spaces made for relaxing and enjoying your coffee. It is quite central, easily accessible and has a large parking area.

If you don't want to sit on the park benches, there is also a cafe inside.

The entrance is free and on weekends and holidays it has a high number of visitors. In addition, the park often organizes various activities for children and adults!

2.Municipality of Fyli , Hasia

Most of you may know Hasia for its taverns and loukoumades, but the place offers much more

Going up the central road of Hasia, you will discover a mountain of unparalleled beauty and rich flora and fauna.

In essence, it is the southwestern foothills of Mount Parnitha (there is no mountain in Hasia itself) which are accessible from Hasia and very close to the famous taverns.

There is the Monastery of Kleiston, which is a wonderful peaceful monastery with easy access, and opposite the monastery, in the mountain, there is a cave full of icons.

In addition, going up the mountain (without turning towards the monastery), you will find the Krya Pigi Fili. It is a space inside the mountain shaped so that you can sit and cool off from the trees (and the running water of the mountain). There is also a small chapel in the area.

3.Mount Parnitha

The well-known mountain of Parnitha, as you can find it from the casino (Regency mont Parnes) and up. Essentially, it is the same mountain as number 2, but you visit it from a different area.

And what does this mountain have to offer?

Dense vegetation with pines and firs, countless trails, shelters and recreational areas (meadows such as Mola), deer and other mammals, as well as many species of birds.

We have extensively talked about the Flambouri shelter, but there are so many other places in Parnitha to visit that it is definitely worth the effort and distance.

Interesting fact: In the Sanatorium you ill fing in your way , Giannis Ritsos (a great Greek poet) has been hospitalized.