MUST-HAVE apps for your trips


Every journey needs someone to organize it, and every organizer needs their tools! We are in an era where everything is done through our mobile phones or computers, and this is very useful for those of us who need to arrange everything for our trip.

There are hundreds of applications that can help you, and we will show you which ones we use for our trips.


One of the most well-known platforms globally for airline tickets, which needs no introduction. You can find tickets for destinations all over the world and compare times, dates, and prices.

Google Flights

Just from the name, you know you can trust it, and you'll definitely receive the best services. It's quite user-friendly.


Perhaps one of the most widely used platforms, and not without reason, as it offers ease of use and good deals.

Aegean Airlines

For domestic and international flights, it's probably the first one we look at, as it's Greek and reliable.



Our top preference with the widest variety and quantity of accommodations. It also offers a rewards program with discounts.


The best solution if you're looking for a whole house or apartment rather than a hotel room. It's reliable and provides protection against scams.


The most well-known platform for budget and adventurous accommodations in the hostel sector.

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Wherever Uber is available, we prefer it because we know the cost of the ride upfront, and we can pay with a card.


It's not a means of transportation itself, but it's the app that shows you all the transportation options available to get from one place to another, along with their prices.


Airalo: This is the app where you can purchase an eSIM (electronic SIM card, which doesn't require physical insertion into your mobile) with global internet plans.


Revolut. We use the debit card from Revolut as it allows us to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide (often without fees, depending on the chosen plan), make payments at point-of-sale terminals in any currency, and it also provides travel insurance.


For our organization, notes, and recording our experiences, we use our planner and ultimate journal. This way, we never forget anything at home and don't waste a minute of our enjoyment by worrying. There is a page for every country in the world, and the more pages we fill, the happier we become!