Luxor ,hidden gem in Egypt


If  you are thinking about it , have decided or planning going to Egypt , then you are in the right page!

For starters you need to know that you're about to live an unforgettable experience. Egypt is the turning point of past with the present , a place that legends are alive and history can be touched.

Where: Luxor, Egypt

How: with bus , flight or car from Cairo 

Where to stay: Our suggestion is the airbnbs in the village side (approx. 20eur/night)

Where and what to eat: From personal experience , we couldn't recomment more the Nile view restaurant with tables in the river sore , genuine Egyptian food like homemade and prices approx. 12eur/2people with appetizers!

Why? Because of Karnak , Luxor temple , Hatshepsut temple , Valley of the kings (king Tut's grave here) , Valley of the queens , hot air ballon and authentic local experience!

Airbnb view
Airbnb view

If you haven't booked your flights yet or if you have and there is going to be a long vacation , you are lucky. You are lucky because you have the opportunity except the exuberant and suffocating Cairo , to see the other side of this country , the purest one.

About 9 hours from Cairo via bus or one hour via plane , there is Luxor. The place is separated in the middle by Nile river and on the one side lies the city and on the other side , there is the real village.

In Luxor you can find the gorgeous Karnak temple and Luxor temple. The first one is a huge outdoor museum full of columns which many of them still keep some of their  their colours , statues that can shiver and Sphinxes prolonged one by one .

The entrance fee for the Karnak is 220EGP for adult and 110EGP student fee. The monument is on the cityside so if you live on the other side you have to go through the Nile with a boat. (you can ask the boat driver to reach you exactly near the Karnak entrance!)

King Tut
King Tut

Furthermore , there is the Valley of the kings and Valley of the queens . 

These are the places where you can find the Royal graves. It is a must-see spot and there is a reason!

 With an extra fee on the ticket you can see the grave of the famous King Tut( he is actually inside the grave and you can watch his mummy!)

The entrance fee for the Valley of the kings is about 260EGP and 130EGP for the students. 

To enter the King Tut's grave it is an extra 300EGP and 150EGP . 

Within the area there are some cars that transfer you near the graves with a very short amount of EGP.

A very important monument of the area is the Hatshepsut temple.

It is a temple made inside the rocks. Hatshepsut broke the Egyptian law and she made herself from Queen to  Pharaoh of Egypt. The country really thrived as long as she was a Pharaoh and people loved her.

The temple was designed from her steward - and lover- although the next years many Pharaoh had made changes.

Entrance fee for the temple is 160EGP for adults and 80EGP student fee. 

For the most of the tourists , temples and the Valleys are the only attractions in Luxor. 

The classic itinerary is staying in the city side , watch the monuments and move on to the next destination. We are going to talk about the other side. 

The side that is full of banana trees , children playing on the roads , bikes and bicycles instead of cars and local restaurants that families are running them. Here , there are no luxury services or dinners with French wine. There are no hotels with doormen and breakfast buffet.

What exists there is much prettier and authentic from all these.

At this side , there are airbnbs that are homes which locals had made with their hands , they are the cleanest and their views (to the banana fields) are magical.

Locals will take you and guide you to the village , will suggest you the perfect place to dine and offer you a warm blanket to sleep. 

You are going to drink coffee with them in the morning and they will make you breakfast with their own materials - better than a lot of big hotel's buffets-.

A signifivant addition to our experience was the hot air balloon flight at the sunrise. 

The feeling of being so high up and the great view of the area is going to stay in our thoughts forever. It was a really smooth flight with an experienced pilot. 

They picked us up from our airbnb at 04:00 and we went to the area that all balloons were lying. The vision of the preparation was awesome.

Our activity was booked from our airbnb hosts but there are a lot of providers that you can find on the internet and book this on your own. BONUS was it's price that I don't think you can find any lower in this world , approx 50eur/pax!

I am not sure yet if it is the beauty of the village as a place , the clean air , the peace , the kindness of the people or the beauty of the monuments that made us feel this way but , certainly , Luxor had become our second village and a place that we adored from the day 1!