Khan el Khalili paradise

In our friend's Hassan shop
In our friend's Hassan shop

Khan el Khalili is the most famous market in Egypt and one of the most known in the world. It is located in Cairo for six centuries now and millions of people have passed it's alleys so long.

The most important reason that this market is so famous , it's no other than it is the - paradise - of souvenirs. Thousands of shiny objects that captivate the eyes and soul with their specialties. There is no other place in Egypt with so many souvenirs in such small distance.

Shiny laterns , ornaments and alavaster lamps , rosaries , shisa , mirrors and little boxes with 'mother of the pearl' and so much more , all features of this great country.

And of course , everything is really affordable  especially with a little (or a lot) bargaining , like it is usual in the Khan

If you find your self in the market , you will certainly pass some of the famous cafes. El fishawy is the oldest one and the Naguib Mahfouz that owes it's name to the nobel prized Egyptian author. Both of them offer a great vibe and are life-saviors for a break from the endless market exploration.

Tips for your visit in the Khan el Khalili:

  • Haggle , haggle , haggle. Haggle forever with the greek sense of the word. Anything you see , you can buy it literally on the 1/4 of the initial price or lower! You can start with a very low price and agree for something in the middle with the seller. At the most of the times you can get it at the lowest price that you thought in the beggining. They won't make it easy for you -but in the end you can make it. Don't be shy , sellers wait for you to do that and really enjoy it.

  • Now about getting there. If you have a driver, a guide or a car -everything is easy-. But if you take taxi or uber to go there , you are going to need some tricky tips to leave after.For some reason I don't understand , drivers find difficult to pick you up from the Khan's side and communication is hard because of the English skills lack. We found it hard , others did too. Our tip is to point the opposite side , the side of the Al Ahzar mosque in the uber application and your life is going to be easier. (BE CAREFUL when you pass the road though , they drive like crazy there.)                                                                                                                                           
  • The opposite side of the market is also a market. Locals don't let you go through inside if you are a tourist but there are sellers in the road. We bought the best little carpets from there! (do not haggle in this market!)                                                       

  • Wear comfortable shoes. The market is huge and you may walk it through several times.

The variety of the products in the market is huge and anyone would need days to see it all. We will show you what we bought so that you can have an idea!