Heart shaped island in Greece


In the region of Messinia, across from Methoni, lies a hidden paradise, which the locals keep well hidden. This is the island named Sapientza, a lush green spot in the sea with a rich flora.

The only permanent inhabitants of the island are the rare Kri-Kri, as there is only one accessible beach, and the rest remains untouched by human presence.


To reach the little island, you need to get to the town of Methoni.

From there, small boats depart about twice a day (depending on the number of visitors) and arrive at the island's only beach after about 15-20 minutes.

The departure time is determined before you arrive on the island and is usually 2 hours later than your arrival.

For the time you'll spend on the island, and because it's uninhabited, it's essential to have some supplies with you.

There is a possibility that you will be the only visitors on the island, so in case you need something, you'll have to bring it with you yourself.

Supplies like water and snacks are definitely necessary. I'm not sure exactly how long you'll be staying on the island, but the sun will be hot and you'll get thirsty. Personally, we always get hungry at the beach, so snacks are an essential item. Once we've hydrated and satisfied our hunger, let's see what else we need.

 What characterizes Greece in the summer is the hot sun. None of us like yogurt on our backs or the feeling of burned skin, so another essential item is sunscreen, as well as a hat (or even better, an umbrella).

The island also has many bees, and when you start eating anything you have prepared, they will come close to you. They are not dangerous, and it is most likely that they will leave, but it is good to have a stick for any stings. Finally, and VERY important, is to have a bag with you for the garbage you may produce during your stay. We respect the environment - we keep it clean!

The only beach on the island is small but idyllic. It is characterized by white sand and water so clear that you rarely find it anymore (even clearer than Elafonisos).

In addition, the water is quite cold, but the beach does not have enough natural shade, which makes it easy to decide to take a dip in the sea! 

Nothing compares to the relief that the top of your head feels when it gets wet in the sea after spending a lot of time under the hot sun!

The fact that the sea is so clean is certainly due to the lack of mass tourism and the commitment of the locals to preserving this environment. Therefore, it is essential for visitors themselves to show the same respect for the island, not to leave any garbage behind when leaving, and not to disturb the beautiful wild goats (Kri-Kri in Greek)!