Everything you want to ask a Digital Nomad


We had the great opportunity to communicate with a young and adventurous digital nomad. 

This d.n. is Justin Gonzales  who is travelling the world and has made some great memories for himself!

Let's see what he told us

1.What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?

I wear many hats at this time. I had a full time job as a software developer for a car company in the USA. But I decided to leave that job to pursue my own ideas and businesses. Currently I freelance, run a small web development agency and run a shop, selling digital prints, many travel related; I have every country in the world!

I love that I am able to focus on my own projects, and travel and work at the same time, although sometimes I miss the office for the companionship of my coworkers. So to solve this issue I recently started working on a new network called Mundonomad, here in the Philippines where I am currently based.

2. What is your style of travel? 

Generally I spend from 2 weeks to 1 month in each country, so I would say fast and adventurous. I pack as much as I can into every day and aim to make a new friend each day too. Lately, though, I have slowed down to focus more on my projects, as I learned travel and work are hard to mix, if you don't have the discipline.

3. How do you balance work and travel?

If I have things I need to do, I will schedule them on my calendar, so I know that I must set aside time for them. I try to do most of the smaller things in the morning, so that I can get them off my plate. Then I go off on an adventure for the afternoon, have my dinner and then work some more before potentially going out with new friends. This does get tiring though, and some days I just stay in my room and watch Netflix to recover.

4. Do you miss the stability of home?

I do miss my friends, But I was never the type to look for stability. If anything, if things got too stable, I would get bored. So the nomadic lifestyle is better for me, as there is always a challenge or new thing to conquer. Though there are days, when it's too hot, or too rainy, and I am miserable and miss the comforts of home.

5. Do you recommend your way of living to the upcoming youth? And do you have any tips for them?

I think the pursuit of travel really helped motivate me to become more. Coming from a poor family, I never imagined I could live this life. Once I had a taste, I worked harder and studied harder. My first trip ever was in highschool to China, and it opened my eyes. I wanted to see the world, so I focused, graduated college, and while working my 9-5, I also freelanced and began working on the projects that, I mentioned before.

Justin Gonzalez

Justin is a Mexican-American digital nomad, who spends his time networking and making memories while traveling. He wears many hats, some which include. Blogging, web development and running an etsy store.

He is definitely living THE-LIFE and if you are into travelling and adventures you should check him out