How much does a trip to Egypt cost? with details!


Recently, we visited our very close Egypt. It is a country of great interest and for many people, it is a dream come true to visit it.

Of course, the cost of the trip is subjective and depends on many parameters. Depending on the services you choose, the duration of the trip, and how many different things you want to see and do, your overall expense is determined.

The good thing about Egypt is that there are options for all financial capabilities. You can travel with very little money by staying in very affordable hotels and eating local food.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility for Egypt to become a luxurious destination for you. It has a plethora of expensive hotels, restaurants, and activities for big spending! 

We chose the middle ground, stayed in affordable hotels - but of good quality -, visited as many archaeological sites as we could, traveled by bus - first-class seat -, and stayed in both Airbnb and all-inclusive accommodations!

We will try to show you as detailed as possible the expenses we made so that you can have an idea if you are considering going.

First, let's talk about air tickets. Without them, there is no trip, so it is an expense that you cannot avoid!

We researched for months about tickets, so when we found the best price, we were able to recognize it immediately.

To go to Egypt from Greece, you can go with Aegean and EgyptAir.

You can search for flights for the dates you are available either directly on the websites of the airlines or through intermediaries. Such platforms include,, skyscanner, Google Flights, and many more!

Usually, through intermediaries, you can find the cheapest flights.

Usually. We were very lucky to find our flights as last summer Aegean created an offer with up to 50% discount on most flights.

So, we booked our tickets along with baggage and seat reservations for 313 euros. (SHOCKING price).

Usually, the price is 300 euros pax, but if you are lucky and do enough research, you may find a good deal or even better than ours!

The next and very basic expense of the trip is accommodation. When I say accommodation, I don't just mean hotels but also rented apartments, guesthouses, hostels, etc.

Regarding Cairo, with a quick search on, you can find hostels starting from 5 euros per night and hotels starting from 15 euros. Of course, this depends on the season. The summer months are low season for Egypt (not recommended due to unbearable heat) and holidays are their peak season. 

Also, it depends on the neighborhood you will stay in. Giza has the lowest prices due to 2 reasons. One is the smell from the camels and horses on the streets. (If you ask me, it's not so annoying and doesn't reach the hotel room). The other reason is that it is far from the rest of the city, so you need about 20 extra minutes on your commute back and forth. 

We were dazzled by the idea of having a view of the pyramids from our room and of course by the low prices, so we chose Giza to stay in. We didn't have any problems with our safety; it's a safe area, even though it's not as touristy.

For the hotel in Cairo, we paid 20 euros per night for a double room with breakfast. (Not bad at all.)

In Luxor, which is divided by the Nile in the middle, we chose to stay on the village side for a more authentic experience. I'll only talk about the village side, but I want to tell you that the opposite side is much more expensive without having the same vibe.


 In the area, there are many houses and apartments that you can rent through Airbnb or

Ours cost 22 euros per night, and it was spacious, spotless, and with an exceptional view! Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it to you because it has been removed from the platform, but there are many others that are just as beautiful.

For the beautiful Hurghada, which is a seaside destination and doesn't have many archaeological elements, we chose to relax and take care of ourselves with an all-inclusive resort.

We did quite a bit of research for there, comparing prices and reviews from other visitors, and we chose a resort that has access to a private beach, a heated pool, food and drinks all included in the price. This hotel cost us about 90 euros per night and we really enjoyed it and rested after 5 exhausting days.

So we talked about flights and accommodation, now it's time to discuss practical issues. These concern activities, museum entrances, food, transportation, etc.

One of our main expenses in Egypt was our visits to archaeological sites and museums. Our time was limited, so we had to carefully choose where to dedicate it.

Whatever we spent in Egyptian pounds is not accurate in euros at the time you are reading this because the exchange rate is constantly changing.


  • Giza Pyramids

Entrance fee is 240EGP for adults and 120EGP for students. (Approximately 18 euros)

The camel ride cost us 500EGP for two people. (Approximately 25 euros)

  • Cairo Citadel

Entrance fee is 200EGP for adults and 100EGP for students. (Approximately 15 euros)

  • Egyptian Museum

Entrance fee is 200EGP for adults and 100EGP for students. (Approximately 15 euros)

  • Coptic neighborhood

Entrance is free.



Entrance fee is 220 EGP for adults and 110 EGP for students (approximately 16 euros).

-Valley of the Kings

Entrance fee is 260 EGP for adults and 130 EGP for students (approximately 20 euros).

Extra entrance fee to the tomb of Tutankhamun is 300 EGP for adults and 150 EGP for students respectively (approximately 23 euros).

The total cost for the Valley of the Kings is approximately 43 euros.

-Temple of Hatshepsut

Entrance fee is 160 EGP for adults and 80 EGP for students (approximately 12 euros).

Our activities besides the archaeological sites included a hot air balloon ride, which cost about 100 euros for two people, a safari with the ATVs in the desert, which cost 45 euros for two people, and snorkeling for which we only paid for the masks, about 15 euros. (Our advice is to bring your own masks from Greece because the prices in hotels are exorbitant and we searched for a long time in the city until we found them at this price.) 

We used the GoBus company for our major trips within the country (Cairo-Luxor-Hurghada-Cairo).

The prices of GoBus are quite good and we used its more expensive services (except for the Luxor-Hurghada route where it was not available). For two seats on a double-decker bus with screens showing past movies (in English), snacks and coffee, headphones, and wifi, we paid 45 euros for the Cairo-Luxor route (about 9 hours) for two people, and 20 euros for the Hurghada-Cairo route for two people.

The bus on the Luxor-Hurghada route was a classic bus and cost a little over 10 euros for both of us.

We mainly used Uber in Cairo for three days with full-day use, approximately 7-8 trips per day, and also for our transfer to the airport on the day of our return, and we paid a total of about 30 euros. YES, it's that affordable!

In Luxor, we paid 10 euros for the use of the boat on the day we went to Karnak (it took us and brought us back as soon as we finished). We also paid 20 euros to take us from our accommodation in the Valley of the Kings to the Temple of Hatshepsut, the market, and back.

In Hurghada, we hardly used taxis as the hotel was next to the Gobus station (around 3 euros).

Finally, for our meals, we paid 45 euros at the Sofitel on the first day, 20 euros at KFC the next day, and the day after in Cairo.

In Luxor, we spent about 20 euros for two days at a local restaurant for both of us, and in Hurghada, it was included in the hotel price.

Overall, we spent:

313 euros for flights

354 euros for accommodation

259 euros for visits and activities

135 euros for transportation

Approximately 115 euros for food

50 euros for visa

Total: 1226 euros for two people!

This amount does not include tips and souvenirs, which are entirely subjective.

These were all of our expenses in Egypt!The country is definitely value for money and offers incredible opportunities in relation to its prices!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy travels, see you soon.


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