Where to book the cheapest flights


Travel is the food of the soul and flights are the most common way to make them real.

 Depending on the distance we want to go through and the services we ask for , the flight cost is determined.

This price sometimes may be affordable and other times (maybe for transatlantic trips ) is it pricier and even impossible. 

Furthermore , for the same flight or the same flight days many times we find different prices.

Don't despair traveller! There is a way to find the cheapest prices and we will show you!

Within the internet, are certain platforms that scan prices from every airline and provider and they show it all together in a list so that you chose what to purchase , without a separate research from you

Even these platforms are SO many , so we will show you which we use in our trips and they stand out for us!

  • Kiwi.com      

It is a worldwide level website , awarded and with years of experience in providing this kind of services. Also , it is very easy to use and simple. (There is a smartphone application too).It provides a wide range of options such as 

a)flexible dates to find the most suitable day and time

b) choice for simple transition , with return or nomadic tickets

c) useful filters to find exactly what you're searching for without a lot of research.

And last but not least

d) You can chose only the dates without the destination and compare the different prices for every place on earth! - we really like this-

  • Google flights   https://www.google.com/travel/flights                                                                            With the brand of Google in the name , you certainly know that you get good quality services. It is a very useful platform with wide range of options too. Furthermore , except basic options it has also a great world map! You can type your dates and choose from any place in the world (that has an airport) but also see the point of this in the globe! I have to say , it has taken our travel curiosity to another level.

  • Petas.gr

It is about a Greek company that services the tourist industry for years via it's travel agency. The platform is a move that proves how much they have evolved through the years and the excellent quality of services. This is also a very useful website , that has nothing to envy the world-level companies. (bonus: we reinforce our domestic market!)

Last years we have used a lot this platform because it seemed easier to use than others. The truth is that it is a long range company and most of the times you can find some great deals on it's research

There are so many providers of the same services ,very promising .When we use some of them , we will show you the results!

Do not forget that except the price , the quality of the services is very important . We found the Greek , Aegean airlines first in our preferences.

Have a lot and fun travels,

         See you soon xx