5+2 ways to save money EASILY for your trip

boarding pass
boarding pass

Have you ever happened to see an advertisement for a trip to the Maldives or to New York and think it would be perfect to go, but who has two or three thousand euros saved to spend? You're not the only one.

All of us struggle with the idea of giving such a large amount , especially in 2023.

Think of a destination that you have been dreaming of for a long time. Now think of a possible budget you need to visit it.

If this amount seems astronomical to you, I don't want you to despair!

We all started somewhere to manage to make our trips, and we will present you with the most effective ways to manage to gather this amount!

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  1. Do your research on the overall cost of the trip and create a plan for it. Divide the cost by the days or months remaining and find out the amount you need to save each month.

If you set small goals, it will seem easier to achieve them and thus you will accumulate the total amount without struggling in the days before your departure!

2.     Start saving early.

When we talk about saving, we mean it in every sense of the word. Buy a piggy bank or use any object that works for you and create a system that is feasible for you.

You can put 1 euro per day, 2 euros, or even 50 cents. Small amounts that won't make a big difference in your day but after one, two, or three months you will have accumulated a good sum. Set an amount that is so small that it suits you and that you can follow your plan diligently.

 view from the top
view from the top

3.   Make travel (as much as possible) your priority.

This way you will manage to limit unnecessary expenses and save more easily. For example, make coffee at home for work or school.

Cook at home instead of ordering or eating out. Don't go out for drinks every Friday and Saturday, go out only one day.

In your regular shopping for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, Playstation games, etc. don't spend all your savings but limit them to at least half. Cancel a subscription that is not essential for you.

In contrast, the amounts you save can be added to your travel piggy bank and thus reach your goal more easily!

4.   One way that works for us who use Revolut card is automatic savings.

 The card has the option to round up the amounts of our purchases and put these amounts into a travel section of the account. This way, money is collected without us realizing it. If you don't use this specific card, you can do it with your cash. For example, if you buy a shirt that costs 19.50 euros, the 50 cents left until 20 euros can be added to your savings.

5.  Make some extra easy money.

If you have at least a moderate level of English knowledge (some tasks may not require it at all) and a computer, you can do tasks that take little time (10 minutes to half an hour) and earn some useful money for your trip. Such tasks may include filling out paid surveys or commenting on website functionality through platforms like TryMyUI, etc.

The next two methods we will mention are not exactly about how to make money, but how to save money.

To make your trip a little more budget-friendly, an effective way is to use miles from airline loyalty programs. This won't happen from your first trip, as you first need to accumulate the miles, but it will help you a lot on your next trips! First, you need to become a member of their loyalty programs, and then all you have to do is start traveling!

Additionally, you can find various partnerships that airlines have with banks, issuing debit and credit cards with which you can collect miles from your purchases, regardless of your flights (e.g. Aegean Airlines - Alpha Bank).

Finally, a very useful tip to discover the world is to use alternative destinations compared to the ones you have in mind. For example, instead of the Maldives, you can go to Hurghada or Zanzibar. Instead of a safari in Kruger Park, South Africa, you can go to Mikumi Park in Tanzania. Instead of the Instagrammable Vienna, you can go to Budapest, which also offers several photogenic spots.

Start implementing at least one of the above in your daily life and we are sure that you will be able to visit whichever dream destination you have been dreaming of!

Have a safe journey!